Company Profile

Specialists in Cardiology

Our Company
Heartscope Limited (trading as Heartscope Victoria) is an Australian public company focused on being a leading provider of medical diagnostic services.

Our philosophy is simple. We want medical practitioners to have the right tools and information so as to enable them to provide the highest quality of care to patients, particularly in heart, lung and sleep diagnostics.

We have been providing quality cardiac diagnostic services since 1995, servicing specialist centres, GP clinics, and hospitals throughout Victoria. In addition to cardiac diagnosis, we have extended our service range to include Respiratory & Sleep Diagnostics, providing Lung Function Testing as well as Home Based Sleep Study.

Our Team
With our well qualified team of Specialists, Sonographers, Technicians and Support staff we are able to provide  a very high level of service. The team at Heartscope take pride in its culture of care, help, support and energy.

Our Services
We offer the latest in Stress Echocardiogram, Echocardiogram, ECG, 24 Hour ECG Holter Monitor, 24 Hour BP Monitor, Cardiologist Consultation, Lung Function Testing, Home Based Sleep Study and Respiratory & Sleep Physician Consulting. We are focused on using state-of-the-art technology, equipment and expertise to ensure the most accurate diagnoses in a timely manner.