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What Is The Home Based Sleep Study?
Home based sleep studies have emerged as an effective way to diagnose obstructive sleep apnoea and other sleep disorders. For many patients, sleep testing in the comfort of the home is clinically appropriate and more convenient than undergoing an inpatient sleep study. Additionally, a home based sleep study may be the most affordable option to thoroughly evaluate sleep. It is a non-invasive study which records various biological processes that take place while you sleep.

These include:
• Body oxygen level by measuring light transmission through the finger with an "oximeter"
• Airflow through the nose
• Chest and abdomen movements
• Heart activity also known as electrocardiogram (ECG)
• Brain activity also known as electroencephalogram (EEG)
• Muscle activity also known as electromyogram (EMG)
• Eye activity also known as electrooculogram (EOG)

What to expect?
The procedure will take around 15 minutes. You will be asked to complete some paperwork after which our Sleep Technician will provide you with information on Sleep Apnea and will hook up the device on your body. You will also be given an information booklet.

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