CT Coronary Angiogram

Note: Specialist Referral required for Medicare Bulk Billing / Rebate

Common Indications

  • Stable symptoms that are consistent with coronary ischaemia, are at low to intermediate risk of coronary artery disease & would have been considered for coronary angiography (patients with chest pain for investigation).
  • Exclusion of coronary artery anomaly or fistula.
  • Patient undergoing non-coronary cardiac surgery (cardiac valve surgery).

Test Description

The blood vessels that supply blood to the heart are the coronary arteries (CA). Previously the only accurate way of assessing these was by a conventional coronary angiogram. This is an invasive test which requires hospital admission and a contrast injection through a large needle into the femoral artery.

Today the coronary arteries for most people can now be assessed using ultra-fast computed tomography (CT) scanners. The benefit is that a CTCA is a less invasive test that involves a contrast injection through a vein in the arm. It is quicker, has less potential complications and has been shown to be as accurate as a conventional coronary angiogram.

Preparation Details

(Approximately 2-3 hrs duration)


HR Equal to or less than 60 bpm Metoprolol 50-100 mg night before and 8am morning of CTCA prescribed by referrer.


  • Chronic beta blocker I calcium channel therapy to heart rate = to or less than 60 bpm.
  • Take ALL normal morning medications except metformin.
  • Fast for 4 hours if possible prior to CTCA.
  • No caffeine, coffee, tea, energy drinks for 24 hours prior to CTCA.
  • No Cialis, Viagra, Levitra or similar for 36 hours prior to CTCA.
Please provide other details about your request if necessary (e.g additional tests, preferred doctor or time, patient conditions, etc.)

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