Dobutamine Stress Echocardiogram

Common Indications

  • Dobutamine Stress Echo indications are the same as Stress Echocardiogram, specifically for those with muscular skeletal limitations who are unable to exercise on a treadmill.

Test Description

A dobutamine (stress) echo combines a normal echo with a drug (dobutamine) which has similar effects to exercise on the heart and circulation.

Dobutamine is an adrenaline-like medicine that makes your heart pump harder and faster like exercise does. We use dobutamine instead of treadmill exercise in people with poor health, joint problems, poor circulation in their legs, lung problems or the elderly. 

The test is performed while you lay on a couch on your left side. ECG electrodes are attached to your chest to monitor the electrical activity of your heart during the test. A blood pressure cuff is applied to your arm to monitor your blood pressure and automatically inflates every few minutes throughout the study.

An intravenous (IV) will be placed in your arm and dobutamine will be given to you through this IV. Initially you will feel nothing at the start, but it is normal for you to feel your heart beat harder and faster with higher doses of the drug. Sometimes the dobutamine may cause some chest discomfort, nausea or shortness of breath. Throughout the study, your heart will be continuously imaged with ultrasound. It is important that you tell us if you feel anything uncomfortable or unusual during the test.

What happens afterwards?

When the test is over, the dobutamine is stopped and your heart beat soon returns to normal. The IV is then removed from your arm and you will be able to go home. You may feel a little tired after the test, but you should soon feel normal again. If you have any problems after the test or if you have any questions, please call your doctor. The results will be discussed with you after the test. Any ongoing treatment will also be discussed and the need for any further follow up. Your referring doctor and local GP will also get the results.

Preparation Details

(Approximately 60 minutes duration)

Please avoid caffeine, but drink plenty of water. No fasting required, however avoid eating heavy meals prior to the test. Medicines which are Beta blockers & selected Calcium channel blockers (eg: Verapamil & Diltiazem) are stopped for 48 hours, unless otherwise advised by the doctor.

Please inform our staff upon booking if you have any of the below conditions:
Past issues with glaucoma or cataract
Past issues with prostate

Please note that Dobutamine stress echos are not bulk billed. They will be privately billed at approximately $500, Medicare can offer a rebate, please discuss this further with our bookings staff.

Please provide other details about your request if necessary (e.g additional tests, preferred doctor or time, patient conditions, etc.)

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