Home Based Sleep Study

Note: To ensure that the patient meet the ‘high probability of obstructive sleep apnoea’ specification under item 12250, please ensure that the Epworth SSQ is completed plus either of the following 2 tests.

  1. Stop-Bang Sleep Apnea Questionnaire

  2. OSA 50 Screening Questionnaire

These are necessary Medicare requirements for the patient to be Bulk-Billed, which is claimable once per year.

Common Indications

  • Witnessed apneas or choking.
  • Regular fatigue or sleepiness.
  • Regular loud snoring.
  • Hypertension.
  • Diabetes.
  • BMI > 35.
  • Other cardiovascular risk factors.

Test Description

Sleep Investigation (18 years & older)

You will be required to visit the clinic on the night of your home based study, where you will be fitted with the Home Based Sleep Study unit or given instructions on how to set up the sleep study unit before bed time as well as the return of the sleep monitoring device the following morning. This appointment will take approximately 30 minutes. You will need to wear the device overnight which will monitor your breathing, brain activity, heart rate and body movements using several simple sensors applied to your skin. You will need to return the monitoring device to the office from which you collected it by 9:30am the next day.

Preparation Details

(Approximately 15 – 30 minutes for patient instructions)

No specific preparation is required, however patients should try to follow their regular daily routine as much as possible, avoid napping & caffeine after lunch. A member of the sleep study support team will give instructions on how to use the home sleep apnoea test device.

Home Based Sleep Study Instructions

Please provide other details about your request if necessary (e.g additional tests, preferred doctor or time, patient conditions, etc.)

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