Lung Function Test

Common Indications

  • Chronic shortness of breath.
  • Asthma.
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD).
  • Restrictive lung disease.
  • Preoperative testing.
  • Impairment or disability.

Test Description

(Spirometry & Gas Transfer Factor) – Patient’s 15 years or older

Lung Function Test involves breathing into a mouthpiece, which is connected to a machine via some tubing. The patient will be required to breathe in and out as deeply as possible, and then as fast and as forcefully as possible.

The test may make your patient feel temporarily short of breath. To measure diffusion capacity (Gas Transfer), the patient is required to breathe in a harmless gas for a very short time. The concentration of the gas in the air breathed out is measured.

The difference in the amount of gas inhaled and exhaled measures how effectively the gas transfers from the lungs into the blood.

Preparation Details

(Approximately 30 minutes duration)

If possible the patient should not take Ventolin, Asmol, Bricanyl, Bretaris, Brezhaer for 4 hours, Spiriva, Atrovent, Onbrez for 6 hours and Pulmicort, Serevent, Symbicort, Seretide, Flixotide, Oxis, Alvesco, Salmeterol, Beclomethasone, Flutiform, Breo – Ellipta for 12 hours before the test. Patients should not smoke 6 hours beforehand.

Please provide other details about your request if necessary (e.g additional tests, preferred doctor or time, patient conditions, etc.)

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