Wheelers Hill

Contact Info & Details

Address:                 G1, 202 Jells Road, Wheelers Hill 3150
Opening Times:  9:00 am to 5:00pm
                      (03) 9560 7558 or 1800 202 111
Fax:                             (03) 8669 4575

The following Diagnostic & Consulting services are available at Wheelers Hill

·         Stress Echocardiogram Bulk-Billed
·         Transthoracic Echocardiogram Bulk-Billed
·         24 Hour Holter ECG Monitor Bulk-Billed
·         ECG Bulk-Billed
·         Ambulatory 24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor $80 charge
·         Home Based Sleep Study Bulk-Billed
·         Lung Function Test Bulk-Billed
·         Dobutamine Stress Echocardiogram Privately – Billed
·         Sleep & Respiratory Consultation Privately – Billed
·         Sleep Apnea Treatment Privately – Billed
·         Other Specialist Consultation Privately – Billed
·         Cardiologist Consultation  (Saturdays) Privately – Billed
·         Cardiologist Consultation  (Weekdays) Bulk Billed Upon Request

Appointment Request

Doctor Bookings:
If you wish to book an appointment for your patient, please visit the Doctor Appointment Booking Page directly.

Patient Request for an Appointment:
If you wish to request for an appointment, please visit the Patient Appointment Request Page. Our staff will contact you to assist with an appropriate appointment booking for you.

You can park your car just outside

Bus Station conveniently nearby

Structured access for easy entry