24 Hour BP Monitor

Common Indications

  • Newly discovered hypertension.
  • Borderline or labile hypertension.
  • Blood pressure management in compliant patients whose blood pressure is apparently poorly controlled despite drug therapy.
  • History suggestive of orthostatic hypertension causing syncope (in conjunction with halter monitoring).
  • Patients who exhibit deterioration of end organ damage despite apparent adequate blood pressure control.
  • Signs and symptoms suggestive of episodic hypertension e.g. phaechromocytoma.

Test Description

Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) involves measuring the patient’s blood pressure for 24 hours as they go about doing their daily routine and when asleep.

The patient wears a device that measures their blood pressure at regular intervals. The information is recorded on a chip in the device and allows the doctor to get a detailed picture of blood pressure variation in a normal environment.

A Technician will fit the monitor onto your patient and explain the procedure at the time of consultation. Make sure that sensible attire is worn such as a button down blouse or shirt that is loose on the arms or short sleeved. Your patient will not be able to shower or bathe while wearing the unit.

Preparation Details

(Approximately 15 minutes duration)

No Preparation Required

Please provide other details about your request if necessary (e.g additional tests, preferred doctor or time, patient conditions, etc.)

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